Monday, May 25, 2009

Memeorial Weekend

We have had a great weekend with 2 BBQs with Drew's family and family pictures last night. We did the pictures around the buildings at Taylors Crossing and they turned out pretty cute. Conner was so funny he was smiling and laughing and just loved the attention. Tyler on the other had didn't like getting pictures too much so we didn't get very many of him smiling but they are still so cute. It was funny because Drew and his mom and brothers are as bad as the kids at moving and closing their eyes so it was kinda hard to get pictures where everyone looked good and was looking at the camera.

Today we are going to my Parent's house for another BBQ and to play kickball, volleyball and possibly ride the horses. Tyler loves going over there to see the animals and play with his cousins and hopefully we will have a fun great day with warm weather! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!




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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

One last visit.

As most of you probably know 3 1/2 years ago Drew's brother Cody was in a horrible accident where the other man involved was killed. I remember getting the call that Cody was at the hospital because he had been in an accident and the other person involved didn't make it and Cody was under the influence of some drugs. It was such a sad, hard time for the family and there were so many ups and downs for the first few months. Well on Friday, in two days Cody finally gets out and he will be able to start his life up again. He has been in Idaho Falls the past few months at a work release facility so Drew and I could go visit once in a while but he still hasn't ever met our two beautiful boys. We have obviously sent him lots of pictures but it's just not the same. Drew is so excited for his little brother to meet his boys, he has been so funny telling me everyday exactly how long till Cody get out. It has been sad to see first hand what drugs have done to Cody's life and hopefully something good has come from this and others will learn from his mistakes. We love you Cody and can't wait for you to meet out boys.




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Friday, May 1, 2009

Big brothers are too tough sometimes!!

On Wednesday I was working at the storage and my boys were both laying on the floor watching Air Bud (Tyler loved dogs). Tyler decided he wanted to play with Conner which he does all of the time and usually he is really careful and generally pretty soft. I'm not exactly sure what happened but I heard a pop and Conner started crying harder than I had ever heard him cry. I ran over and picked him up and his arm was limp. I instantly thought the worst and once I got him somewhat calmed down I bent his arm to see how he reacted and it wasn't good, anytime I touched his arm he would start crying really hard. I didn't think it was broke but I did think it was dislocated.
I called Drew and we decided to take him to Redicare but we couldn't take him there without a referral so we had to get the soonest appointment at the Pediatrician (which was on hour and a half away) we got there early and luckily they got us right in.
I thought Tyler had hurt Conner's shoulder but come to find out it was his elbow and of course the Pediatrician couldn't do anything about it so we had to go to EIRMC for an X-ray. We had to wait there a while then once we finally got the X-ray done it didn't work so they had to put poor Conner in more pain to redo it. As soon as the X-ray was done we had to go back to the Paediatrician to see what the results were. The X-ray didn't show anything so we were instructed to give him pain reliever and just watch to make sure he started using it without too much pain. The Doctor figured it was either sprained or just twisted so we never really found out exactly what was wrong.
The next day he still wouldn't use it but the pain was slowly getting better so I just was really careful with it and kept using pain relievers. I was still so worried because we wasn't using it so I was going to take him back in until finally he started playing with my face with BOTH arms. YAY!! Luckily there wasn't any permanent damage and he will be ok. Tyler felt so bad and he has always loved Conner so much and he always wants to hold him and give him kisses. I could tell Ty was so sorry, he Kept rubbing Conner's head and he just kissed him and told him Hi over and over. It was cute but I guess I can't leave Conner on the floor unless I am right there all of the time.