Saturday, January 31, 2009

Crazy Life With Two Boys!!

My boys are getting so big I cant believe it! We are working on potty training Tyler and it is actually going pretty well. Conner is getting so big and chunky, he is almost in 3 month clothes which is average but compared to Ty he is a chunk! He is so happy and smiles all of the time as long as he doesn't have an empty belly! He is starting to try to laugh and sometimes it just comes out a little squeak but it is so cute!! I love making him laugh! Tyler is loving getting into everything when I am buisy! Today he got into the strawberry milk mix and dumped it all over the kitchen but he didn't just dump it he shook it and got it all over in the sink and on the microwave, it was everywhere!! While I was cleaning it up he decided to climb onto his highchair and when I turned around he was jumping on the tray! I about had a heart attack and he just laughed, he is going to break his leg one of these days!



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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Las Vegas Family Trip

The day after Christmas my mom and I took my boys to Vegas and it was quite a trip! It was a work out trying to get the boys and the carseats and stroller through security and on the plane. Then we had to get off and find luggage and get a car, but we made it! We had such a great time that weekend we went to a really great park and Ty loved chasing the ducks and birds and he even liked herding the geese back into the water. He played on the toys and the slide and loved it! It was so much fun we decided we had to bring his daddy and Grandpa back to play once they got there. On Monday My mom and I took the boys to see my aunt and her boys, we had so much fun visiting and playing the wii fit. I have always been close to my aunt Holly so it was so great to see her, Later that evening Drew, my dad and my little brothers flew in and Tyler was so excited, he had been waiting for them all day. We went to the strip a few times and it was a first for me, there were so many people everywhere! We got our caricatures done at circus circus and they turned out so cute! Drew and I got one together and the boys each got their own. We went to the park another day and Drew decided to take Ty down the big slides but he couldn't fit very well so they usually came tumbling out the end of the slide. It was such a great trip and we had so much fun. It was great to spend the week with my family, I can't wait to go back!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas Day

Christmas Day we woke up and spent a few hours as a family opening presents and playing with them. We had so much fun watching Tyler play with the jeep and open his presents. Drew and Ty had a lot of fun playing with the jeep and the box! Conner was so happy that morning, he loved watching everything that was happening. After spending the morning together we went to my Grandma Pascoe's house to have a great lunch and spend time with our cousins. Later that day we went to Drew's parent's house and spent a few hours with them. We had such a great day and it was so fun this year watching Tyler, he was so excited when he saw his jeep and got to rip open his presents. He was so funny, he started opening one gift and couldn't get it open fast enough so he went and found a screwdriver to help the process go faster. He watches his daddy use tools a lot!

Christmas Eve

This year for Christmas Eve we started a new tradition to go to my Parents and have dinner, a gift exchange and have Santa Come!! Conner didn't care much about what was going on but Tyler loved opening his present and he loved Santa. Ty got a really cool bull that he loves to ride and Conner got a movie and a really cute dinosaur. It was so much fun and just when we were starting to play games a storm came and we thought we might get snowed in so we cut the night short and headed home.



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