Thursday, October 22, 2009

Its been a while!

I haven't blogged forever so I'm just going to write something quick for now. My boys are doing so good, Ty is almost 3 and Conner will be 1 on Friday :(! We decided to do one birthday party since my boys birthdays are only a week and a half apart so we are having a costume party on Halloween and I am so excited! I will post some pictures after the party and this Friday even though we aren't having Conner's birthday yet he is going to get a big cupcake with lots of frosting on it so I will put those messy pictures on here.
We haven't been up to anything too exciting, Drew works non stop and has decided he wants to hunt on his days off so we don't see him a whole lot right now. I work a few days a week at the Daycare and spend my other days running Ty to speech therapy, play group and gymnastics. We have been staying pretty busy but we are loving it!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Candy Bar Snatcher...

The other day I was doing some work around the house and my boys were being quiet and when Tyler is quiet he is usually being really naughty! I walked into the dining room and there he was digging to the bottom of Drew's bag to find treasures and by the time I caught him he already had the snickers open. It was so funny because he knows he isn't supposed to be in Drew's bag so he worked as fast as he could and open the candy bar while his head and hands were still inside the bag. Tyler is always mischievous and he is way too smart for his own good sometimes! So I let him have a bit of the snickers and put is on the kitchen counter but he couldn't leave it alone! He wanted all of it to himself!! I turned around and there he was standing on the edge of the bottom drawer to reach his treasure, after all finders keepers right? ( And it was even better because his undies were on backwards:))

My boys are doing great and Conner is getting his first tooth so he has had a runny nose and watery eyes but he actually has been pretty happy. Con is also crawling so fast and he pulls himself up on everything including my pants, he has almost depantsed me on more than one occasion! Drew is working out of town for about 3 more weeks so he leaves Mondays at 4 am and gets home Saturday evenings so it makes for short weekends but luckily I'm busy with the daycare so I don't get too bored and it makes the week go faster!



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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

BIG Changes.....

I have been horrible at blogging and even worse at getting pictures of my handsome little boys on here but July was crazy and it looks like life is not going to slow down in August! First of all Conner is getting so big!! He can pull himself up on almost anything and he loves climbing up my legs (which makes it really hard to walk) and he loves getting toys out of the toy box. He is such a happy little guy and he is such a joy to have around! We had Conner's 9 month check up almost two weeks ago and he weighed 18.13 lbs and he is about 26 inches long (if I remember right! Sad I know!!) while we were there I asked the nurse to weigh Tyler and he weighs 22lbs so he is staying in front of Conner in weight for now. Tyler is doing great too, he is talking more and more and he has loved being outside this summer. He has gotten so fast at getting his shoes and socks on so he can go outside anytime anyone goes out. My boys play pretty good together, Tyler has kinda gone through a jealousy faze and sometimes he's kinda rough with little Conner but for the most part they just love playing and taking baths together.

Now for the big changes... Just this week my sister in law Sandy and I took over a Daycare. It has been so much work and so much paper work its a lot more complicated than either of us expected. ALL day Saturday Drew and I, Seth and Sandy, My parents and my little brothers worked at the daycare to get it clean and organized. It was so much work and we bit off more than we could chew so we had to stop working at about 6 pm so we could get our kids to the little buckaroo rodeo. We took a 2 1/2 hour and had some fun at the Rodeo, Tyler was so cute riding his stick horse and he has so much fun!! Luke and Grace rode stick horses also and Luke acted like a pro, he did awesome! After the rodeo we took the kids to grandparents houses and went back to work! We had to redo the floors and we worked until about 12:30 that night but it was worth it! The building looks so much better with just a small face lift. Now we are spending several hours a day at the daycare learning how to run the computer program and leaning how everything works. It has been a lot of work but It's been fun at the same time so I think it will be a great thing for us!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Conner is crawling!!

Conner has been crawling for a few days so he was about 8 1/2 months old when he really start moving and now he follows me everywhere I go. Try mopping the floors with a baby at your feet!:) Conner is getting so big and he is such a happy and adorable little boy. Conner has the funniest crawl, he gets up on his hands and knees and moves forward then he lays down on his belly then gets back up on his hands and knees. It is kinda a mixture between crawling and swimming on land! I love it!!! Tyler is doing great as well. He is now a great escape artist!! Not Fun!! He knows how to unlock and open all of our doors and just last week he learned how to open the screen door so everytime I turn my back he escapes and runs to the neighbors to play on Aleigh's bike! Drew says he's helping me exercise by making me run after him all of the time but lets just say he has been visiting the timeout corner frequently lately!

I'm going to add 4th of July weekend into this blog also. On the 3rd of July we went camping for the day with Drew's family, it was a lot of fun. We had dirt bikes up there and Drew and I brought the dogs and horses. Drew and Cody were riding the horses and Sierra and Drew got caught in some barbed wire. Sierra freaked out and took off which left Drew on the ground and Sierra got cut pretty bad on the front leg. Cody saw the whole thing and apparently Drew's jaw got stepped on and a big tree branch fell on him. Cody thought Sierra stepped on Drew's body somewhere but couldn't tell for sure. So we loaded up the horses and left in a hurry to go get Sierra stitched up. After two sedatives and five different areas getting stiched up we took her home at about midnight. The next day was a lot of fun! Drew was sore but okay so we went to my parents house to play water games and have a BBQ. All in all it was a great family fun weekend!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Conner is 8 months OLD!!

I can't believe how fast time flies especially with my second little guy! Conner turned 8 months old on Tuesday and he is getting so big! He hasn't been to the Doctor for a few months but I figure he weighs about 18 maybe 18 1/2 lbs. He is almost crawling which seems so crazy to me since it seems like I just had him! Conner is so stinkin cute, he gets up on his hands an knees and rocks like crazy then he will lunge forward onto his belly. He is such a happy guy, I love it! he smiles at just about anything and he laughs so hard now it's kinda got a squeak to it but I love it! Conner talks and yells and jabbers constantly and he absolutely loves taking baths! He sits up really really well now so I just started letting him sit in the bath and he loves splashing and yelling it is so funny. He lights up my day with just a smile. Lately my boys chain react to one another, if one cries the other has to start crying so I end up trying to comfort both with sometimes makes Ty mad since he isn't getting my full attention. Tyler is doing great too, we are still working on his speech but it is slowly getting better and he can sign some stuff so he can atleast let me know what he needs. He is having issues waking up in the night to go potty so that has been a constant battle trying to find a time that works to wake him up. Once again my computer is broke so I can't put any pictures on here so once it is fixed I will get some cute updated pictures of my boys posted.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tyler's two major surgeries

My baby boy Tyler is now 2 1/2 and I am finally going to tell everyone about his surgeries. Some time I will blog about the crazy start to his precious life but I don't have his baby pictures on my computer so that will be another day.

Tyler was born with a Cleft Palate (which is were he has a huge hole in the roof of his mouth) so he had to have several surgeries to fix it. When he was 9 months old Ty had his first surgery. It was done at Primary Childrens in Salt Lake and he had the most amazing surgeon. Dr. Morales is a well know surgeon and has traveled around the world doing surgeries on children in countries where there are no doctors so I knew Ty would be in good hands. Still I always said I couldn't handle it if one of my kids ever had to have surgery and there I was sitting in the waiting room with butterflies in my stomach dreading the next few hours. Tyler couldn't eat or drink for midnight the night before until after the surgery, which was hard with a 9 month old baby who obviously couldn't understand why we weren't feeding him. The surgery was scheduled for 7 am so we had to be there early. By the time we took Ty back the poor little guy was hungry and cranky so when I had to hand him over to the Anesthesiologist he had the saddest look in his eyes as the big door closed and he was all alone with strangers with masks on. It broke my heart, I knew Ty would be ok but the thought of him being in there all by himself was hard for me to handle. The surgery went great and it was 45 min instead of 1 1/2 hours so that was nice although Drew and I had gone to grab some food and my mom called and said the surgeon needs to talk to you so we had to race back to the hospital. During the surgery Dr. Morales closed up the hole as much as he could then they placed a prosthesis in with nails to cover the hole the rest of the way. Ty was in recovery for about an hour and it was horrible! He was in and out of sleep and when he woke up he would just scream and I tried to comfort him but he looked at me almost like he wasn't sure who I was. We got moved up to our room and Tyler cried for about 4 hours and he would only let Drew and I hold him so it was a very long day. They had put a stitch through his tongue so he couldn't swallow it during surgery and it had to stay in for 24 hours so Ty wouldn't eat or drink anything. Since he wouldn't eat or drink he had to be in the hospital for 48 hours instead or the usual 24. Once we got released Ty had to wear arm restraints for 6 weeks so he couldn't get his fingers in his mouth. One surgery down one to go.

Tyler's second surgery was April 2008 and he was 18 months old. I was really dreading this one because Ty was older and I was 14 weeks pregnant. Two weeks before the surgery Ty had to have his prosthesis removed. It was a horrible experience for both of us. A dentist had to do it and they didn't numb him so he was screaming and bleeding and they had me holding him down and now to this day he won't let anyone close to his mouth. For this surgery I decided to get Ty's feet zoned so the drugs would wear off faster and he would bounce back faster. We had the exact same routine when we first got to the hospital, they weighed Ty, got his gown on (which was the same size he wore the year before) and got him all preped, this is also where my dad and Drew gave Tyler a blessing for the first surgery and for this one he had a blessing at the hotel the night before. This surgery got off to a very late start and Ty was getting so mad and hungry it was hard to keep him happy. They came and gave him some "happy" medicine a few minutes before taking him back and this time they took him in a cool wagon filled with pillows and warm blankets so he thought it was pretty cool. This surgery took almost 2 hours because they had to stretch the muscles and then the tissues so he had two sets of stitches from the back of his mouth to his teeth. While they were doing the surgery they decided to replace the tubes in his ears. The recovery was a little better, he didn't cry quite as long and he started eating a lot faster. He had the stitch though his tongue this time too but they took it out a lot faster so he could eat and he was able to go home the next morning. He had to wear his arm restraints for 6 weeks this time as well. Sorry for the long post but I had a lot to cover.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memeorial Weekend

We have had a great weekend with 2 BBQs with Drew's family and family pictures last night. We did the pictures around the buildings at Taylors Crossing and they turned out pretty cute. Conner was so funny he was smiling and laughing and just loved the attention. Tyler on the other had didn't like getting pictures too much so we didn't get very many of him smiling but they are still so cute. It was funny because Drew and his mom and brothers are as bad as the kids at moving and closing their eyes so it was kinda hard to get pictures where everyone looked good and was looking at the camera.

Today we are going to my Parent's house for another BBQ and to play kickball, volleyball and possibly ride the horses. Tyler loves going over there to see the animals and play with his cousins and hopefully we will have a fun great day with warm weather! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!




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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

One last visit.

As most of you probably know 3 1/2 years ago Drew's brother Cody was in a horrible accident where the other man involved was killed. I remember getting the call that Cody was at the hospital because he had been in an accident and the other person involved didn't make it and Cody was under the influence of some drugs. It was such a sad, hard time for the family and there were so many ups and downs for the first few months. Well on Friday, in two days Cody finally gets out and he will be able to start his life up again. He has been in Idaho Falls the past few months at a work release facility so Drew and I could go visit once in a while but he still hasn't ever met our two beautiful boys. We have obviously sent him lots of pictures but it's just not the same. Drew is so excited for his little brother to meet his boys, he has been so funny telling me everyday exactly how long till Cody get out. It has been sad to see first hand what drugs have done to Cody's life and hopefully something good has come from this and others will learn from his mistakes. We love you Cody and can't wait for you to meet out boys.




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Friday, May 1, 2009

Big brothers are too tough sometimes!!

On Wednesday I was working at the storage and my boys were both laying on the floor watching Air Bud (Tyler loved dogs). Tyler decided he wanted to play with Conner which he does all of the time and usually he is really careful and generally pretty soft. I'm not exactly sure what happened but I heard a pop and Conner started crying harder than I had ever heard him cry. I ran over and picked him up and his arm was limp. I instantly thought the worst and once I got him somewhat calmed down I bent his arm to see how he reacted and it wasn't good, anytime I touched his arm he would start crying really hard. I didn't think it was broke but I did think it was dislocated.
I called Drew and we decided to take him to Redicare but we couldn't take him there without a referral so we had to get the soonest appointment at the Pediatrician (which was on hour and a half away) we got there early and luckily they got us right in.
I thought Tyler had hurt Conner's shoulder but come to find out it was his elbow and of course the Pediatrician couldn't do anything about it so we had to go to EIRMC for an X-ray. We had to wait there a while then once we finally got the X-ray done it didn't work so they had to put poor Conner in more pain to redo it. As soon as the X-ray was done we had to go back to the Paediatrician to see what the results were. The X-ray didn't show anything so we were instructed to give him pain reliever and just watch to make sure he started using it without too much pain. The Doctor figured it was either sprained or just twisted so we never really found out exactly what was wrong.
The next day he still wouldn't use it but the pain was slowly getting better so I just was really careful with it and kept using pain relievers. I was still so worried because we wasn't using it so I was going to take him back in until finally he started playing with my face with BOTH arms. YAY!! Luckily there wasn't any permanent damage and he will be ok. Tyler felt so bad and he has always loved Conner so much and he always wants to hold him and give him kisses. I could tell Ty was so sorry, he Kept rubbing Conner's head and he just kissed him and told him Hi over and over. It was cute but I guess I can't leave Conner on the floor unless I am right there all of the time.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Conner's 6 month well check...

Yesterday Conner turned 6 months old!! I can't believe it, he is getting so big so fast and it seems like I just had him until I realize how big he's getting. He is such a happy wonderful baby and the only time he isn't smiling is when he is chewing on his fingers or when he is hungry. He will be in a great mood and within seconds he will be screaming because he thinks he is going to starve to death. Conner actually likes rolling around on the floor (Tyler absolutely hated it) and he is getting pretty close to sitting up. YAY! I love having little babies but it is kinda nice once they can sit up and entertain them selves.

Today Con man (one of his many nick names) had his doctors appointment and it went well, everything looked great and he is very healthy. His weight today was 16lbs
10oz and he is in the 25th to 50th percentile. He is 24 3/4 inches and in the 5th percentile for his height. I think my poor kids are going to be cursed with my shortness.:( And for the head, well it is pretty huge, his head is in the 95th percentile!! It's doesn't look huge for his body but apparently it is. I think it is a Pascoe curse, Tyler and my niece and nephew all have had heads in the 90th percentile but I don't have a big head so they must get it from the men in my family. Anyway he did great besides the shots. Oh it was so sad he was happy till that first poke then it was silent for a split second and then came the screaming and huge tears. Seeing your poor babies get shots never gets any easier but luckily he is healthy and growing and hitting all of his developmental mile stones and in a month or two he will out weigh his poor little-big brother. Poor Tyler he is so small and skinny yet he eats like crazy! His speech therapist always asks me if he has eaten, I think she thinks I just don't feed him and that's why he is so small but he eats he just doesn't grow and he won't talk so the therapy goes on. I will post an updated picture of my boys as soon as I can, I still don't have my computer back and I am missing it!!

Finally a few Pictures from our family trip to mexico!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Warm Weather Fun!

My boys and I have been loving this warm weather, Tyler has always loved being outside so now that it's warm he is loving life. Tyler got a jeep for Christmas and we were finally able to take it outside this weekend and we all loved it. I'm not kidding about that either, we all took turns driving even Drew and I, it was so much fun! Tyler is old enough now that he loves playing outside with the dogs. The other day he snuck out the dog door in his underwear and was running around playing with the dogs and screaming so they would chase him. It was funny but our neighbors probably kinda think we are crazy but we have fun. Once Tyler gets outside (whether he is clothed or not) he does not come back inside without a fight. He has loved going to my parents and riding the horses and his new favorite past time is chasing their poor chickens. I am so excited for this summer. It is going to be so fun spending time with my boys outside. I will get pictures posted of this weekend as soon as my darn computer is fixed!!

Friday, April 17, 2009


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Trying Week,

It has been a very trying week for me and I have been very stressed and overwhelmed. Due to the weather Drew hasn't been able to go back to work yet and lets just say our savings has run out and of course my boys have not been sleeping through the night which adds to my stress. Yesturday I didn't even feel like getting dressed I just wanted to forget about everything. Then my wonderful neighbor called to see if we wanted to go color on the sidewalk with chalk. It wasn't a huge outing but it was fun for the kids and it was fun watching them make their own little creations. Once again today I was very stressed and overwhelmed so Tyler and I just went outside and colored with the chalk and something as simple as that made us both happy. I love being a mom so much even when they don't sleep and I am so tired, when I am in a bad mood or stressed my boys can always make me feel better. Conner just has to smile and Tyler just loves to give hugs so that is usually just what I need. I am so grateful for my wonderful boys and the chance that I have been given to be a mom. No matter how bad things seem I know I will always have my family and I love them so much!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Catching Up...

It's been a while since I have posted anything because we were gone to Mexico and our computer is gone being fixed so I will get lots of pictures put on here once we finally get it back. We went to Mexico for a week and it was amazing! We had so much fun and Tyler loved the sand and swimming almost every day. My parents watch the kids while Drew and I and my brothers and sister in law went and did a zip line. I have to admit I was kinda scared at first but I loved it!! It was so much fun! Drew and Seth went upside down a few times but Sandy and I were too chicken, They are pretty daring. Over all the weather was good, it was a little windy but most days it felt good since it was so hot. I had my birthday while we were on the trip so we went to a fancy restaurant at the Resort and although I'm not into fancy food it was fun. Unfortunately to day before we flew home Drew got sick and he just laid in bed in the dark all day long so it wasn't a good ending to a great trip for him. Since we have been home Conner had to get on antibiotics because he had been sick for 3 1/2 weeks but it is finally gone!! I had to take our miniature dachshund to the vet because she had lost a lot of weight and wouldn't eat when we got home. But as for good news Conner is rolling over!!! It's so fun to see him grow so fast, he weighs about 16lbs!! He is huge, at least to me, Tyler only weighed 14 1/2 lbs when he was a year old and Conner is only 5 1/2 months. He is such a chub that he rolls over and gets stuck on his belly. He tries so hard to roll over to his back that his arms and legs fly around in the air and its pretty funny looking. My boys are doing great and I love them so much, we had an amazing vacation but is was nice to get home and get the kids back on a schedule.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My big helper...

My boys are so fun and so cute, Conner is getting bigger and bigger everyday and Tyler isn't growing so fast but he's getting so smart! He knows exactly what he wants and even though he can't talk very well he finds a way to tell me what he needs. He climbs into his highchair when he's hungry and he loves to help give Conner baths. Tyler has to be the one to dump the little bath tub out and he loves to help unload the dishwasher. He HAS to be the one to throw the dishwasher detergent into the dishwasher, he also loves to help unload the dryer and his favorite thing to do is give the dogs treats! I love watching him learn new things and he is so funny! Some day he will be a huge help around the house!! Conner is the happiest baby and he is so cute when he smiles, I could spend hours kissing his chubby little cheeks!! Conner likes to lay on the floor and roll from side to side to see everything that is going on and he loves watching Tyler's every move. Tyler loves to be silly just to get a laugh out of Conner. When I was pregnant I really wanted a girl at first but once we found out we were having a boy I was excited and now I love it!! Having two boys is so fun and there is never a dull moment. I tried to get a picture of Conner smiling because it is so cute but I didn't have very good luck but at least you can see how he's changing, everyone says Ty looks just like Drew and now most people are telling me Conner looks like me but we will see as he gets bigger. Although he does have a cute little crooked smile like me so we know he got something from me!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Skiing and Sick baby....

On Saturday my whole family when up to Kelley canyon to go skiing, my dad teaches lessons there so he saved up enough tickets for everyone. It was a lot of fun but I hadn't been skiing or snowboarding for many many years so it took some getting used to but Drew and I really enjoyed it. My nephew Luke went for the first time, He is 3 years old and he was so cute skiing down the hill with my dad, He loved it! I can't wait till next year when we can take Tyler, he is as dare devil so I think he will love it. Conner started getting a cough on Saturday but it wasn't too bad until that night he was wheezing really bad and his cough was nasty. We decided to watch him until Sunday morning but when he woke up he was coughing so hard he was almost throwing up and he was wheezing even worse so we sent Tyler to church with my parents and we took Conner to Ready Care. They checked him for RSV and luckily that was negative so he just has a nasty cold and cough. They did a blow by treatment with helped his breathing a lot and we just have to keep a humidifier by him at all time and supplement with pedialite once in a while because the formula is making him more congested. Hopefully in a day or two he will be good as new!!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My little boy isn't so little anymore!!!

Conner had his 4 month check up today, I can't believe he is already 4 months old!! Anyway he had to get shots :( poor thing, and they weighed and measured him. He is 23 inches long and he weighs 13.1 lbs!! That means he is only 7 lbs lighter than Tyler and almost 2 years younger! I knew he was a chunk but even I was surprised. The doctor said he looked great and was obviously growing very well and his little head is in the 90th percentile!! I was wondering why his clothes were hard to get over his head and now I know, he must have a lot of brains in there! :)

Friday, February 13, 2009


I got these pictures taken of Tyler and Conner on tuesday and I love them so I had to get them on here to show everyone. The photographer did great and she was so sweet, her name is Caralee Case and I have a link to her blog on my blog if you want to see other cute pictures. I am warning you there is about 20 pictures so look at all of them because they are so cute!!!

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Crazy Life With Two Boys!!

My boys are getting so big I cant believe it! We are working on potty training Tyler and it is actually going pretty well. Conner is getting so big and chunky, he is almost in 3 month clothes which is average but compared to Ty he is a chunk! He is so happy and smiles all of the time as long as he doesn't have an empty belly! He is starting to try to laugh and sometimes it just comes out a little squeak but it is so cute!! I love making him laugh! Tyler is loving getting into everything when I am buisy! Today he got into the strawberry milk mix and dumped it all over the kitchen but he didn't just dump it he shook it and got it all over in the sink and on the microwave, it was everywhere!! While I was cleaning it up he decided to climb onto his highchair and when I turned around he was jumping on the tray! I about had a heart attack and he just laughed, he is going to break his leg one of these days!



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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Las Vegas Family Trip

The day after Christmas my mom and I took my boys to Vegas and it was quite a trip! It was a work out trying to get the boys and the carseats and stroller through security and on the plane. Then we had to get off and find luggage and get a car, but we made it! We had such a great time that weekend we went to a really great park and Ty loved chasing the ducks and birds and he even liked herding the geese back into the water. He played on the toys and the slide and loved it! It was so much fun we decided we had to bring his daddy and Grandpa back to play once they got there. On Monday My mom and I took the boys to see my aunt and her boys, we had so much fun visiting and playing the wii fit. I have always been close to my aunt Holly so it was so great to see her, Later that evening Drew, my dad and my little brothers flew in and Tyler was so excited, he had been waiting for them all day. We went to the strip a few times and it was a first for me, there were so many people everywhere! We got our caricatures done at circus circus and they turned out so cute! Drew and I got one together and the boys each got their own. We went to the park another day and Drew decided to take Ty down the big slides but he couldn't fit very well so they usually came tumbling out the end of the slide. It was such a great trip and we had so much fun. It was great to spend the week with my family, I can't wait to go back!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas Day

Christmas Day we woke up and spent a few hours as a family opening presents and playing with them. We had so much fun watching Tyler play with the jeep and open his presents. Drew and Ty had a lot of fun playing with the jeep and the box! Conner was so happy that morning, he loved watching everything that was happening. After spending the morning together we went to my Grandma Pascoe's house to have a great lunch and spend time with our cousins. Later that day we went to Drew's parent's house and spent a few hours with them. We had such a great day and it was so fun this year watching Tyler, he was so excited when he saw his jeep and got to rip open his presents. He was so funny, he started opening one gift and couldn't get it open fast enough so he went and found a screwdriver to help the process go faster. He watches his daddy use tools a lot!

Christmas Eve

This year for Christmas Eve we started a new tradition to go to my Parents and have dinner, a gift exchange and have Santa Come!! Conner didn't care much about what was going on but Tyler loved opening his present and he loved Santa. Ty got a really cool bull that he loves to ride and Conner got a movie and a really cute dinosaur. It was so much fun and just when we were starting to play games a storm came and we thought we might get snowed in so we cut the night short and headed home.



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