Friday, April 24, 2009

Conner's 6 month well check...

Yesterday Conner turned 6 months old!! I can't believe it, he is getting so big so fast and it seems like I just had him until I realize how big he's getting. He is such a happy wonderful baby and the only time he isn't smiling is when he is chewing on his fingers or when he is hungry. He will be in a great mood and within seconds he will be screaming because he thinks he is going to starve to death. Conner actually likes rolling around on the floor (Tyler absolutely hated it) and he is getting pretty close to sitting up. YAY! I love having little babies but it is kinda nice once they can sit up and entertain them selves.

Today Con man (one of his many nick names) had his doctors appointment and it went well, everything looked great and he is very healthy. His weight today was 16lbs
10oz and he is in the 25th to 50th percentile. He is 24 3/4 inches and in the 5th percentile for his height. I think my poor kids are going to be cursed with my shortness.:( And for the head, well it is pretty huge, his head is in the 95th percentile!! It's doesn't look huge for his body but apparently it is. I think it is a Pascoe curse, Tyler and my niece and nephew all have had heads in the 90th percentile but I don't have a big head so they must get it from the men in my family. Anyway he did great besides the shots. Oh it was so sad he was happy till that first poke then it was silent for a split second and then came the screaming and huge tears. Seeing your poor babies get shots never gets any easier but luckily he is healthy and growing and hitting all of his developmental mile stones and in a month or two he will out weigh his poor little-big brother. Poor Tyler he is so small and skinny yet he eats like crazy! His speech therapist always asks me if he has eaten, I think she thinks I just don't feed him and that's why he is so small but he eats he just doesn't grow and he won't talk so the therapy goes on. I will post an updated picture of my boys as soon as I can, I still don't have my computer back and I am missing it!!

Finally a few Pictures from our family trip to mexico!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Warm Weather Fun!

My boys and I have been loving this warm weather, Tyler has always loved being outside so now that it's warm he is loving life. Tyler got a jeep for Christmas and we were finally able to take it outside this weekend and we all loved it. I'm not kidding about that either, we all took turns driving even Drew and I, it was so much fun! Tyler is old enough now that he loves playing outside with the dogs. The other day he snuck out the dog door in his underwear and was running around playing with the dogs and screaming so they would chase him. It was funny but our neighbors probably kinda think we are crazy but we have fun. Once Tyler gets outside (whether he is clothed or not) he does not come back inside without a fight. He has loved going to my parents and riding the horses and his new favorite past time is chasing their poor chickens. I am so excited for this summer. It is going to be so fun spending time with my boys outside. I will get pictures posted of this weekend as soon as my darn computer is fixed!!

Friday, April 17, 2009


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Trying Week,

It has been a very trying week for me and I have been very stressed and overwhelmed. Due to the weather Drew hasn't been able to go back to work yet and lets just say our savings has run out and of course my boys have not been sleeping through the night which adds to my stress. Yesturday I didn't even feel like getting dressed I just wanted to forget about everything. Then my wonderful neighbor called to see if we wanted to go color on the sidewalk with chalk. It wasn't a huge outing but it was fun for the kids and it was fun watching them make their own little creations. Once again today I was very stressed and overwhelmed so Tyler and I just went outside and colored with the chalk and something as simple as that made us both happy. I love being a mom so much even when they don't sleep and I am so tired, when I am in a bad mood or stressed my boys can always make me feel better. Conner just has to smile and Tyler just loves to give hugs so that is usually just what I need. I am so grateful for my wonderful boys and the chance that I have been given to be a mom. No matter how bad things seem I know I will always have my family and I love them so much!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Catching Up...

It's been a while since I have posted anything because we were gone to Mexico and our computer is gone being fixed so I will get lots of pictures put on here once we finally get it back. We went to Mexico for a week and it was amazing! We had so much fun and Tyler loved the sand and swimming almost every day. My parents watch the kids while Drew and I and my brothers and sister in law went and did a zip line. I have to admit I was kinda scared at first but I loved it!! It was so much fun! Drew and Seth went upside down a few times but Sandy and I were too chicken, They are pretty daring. Over all the weather was good, it was a little windy but most days it felt good since it was so hot. I had my birthday while we were on the trip so we went to a fancy restaurant at the Resort and although I'm not into fancy food it was fun. Unfortunately to day before we flew home Drew got sick and he just laid in bed in the dark all day long so it wasn't a good ending to a great trip for him. Since we have been home Conner had to get on antibiotics because he had been sick for 3 1/2 weeks but it is finally gone!! I had to take our miniature dachshund to the vet because she had lost a lot of weight and wouldn't eat when we got home. But as for good news Conner is rolling over!!! It's so fun to see him grow so fast, he weighs about 16lbs!! He is huge, at least to me, Tyler only weighed 14 1/2 lbs when he was a year old and Conner is only 5 1/2 months. He is such a chub that he rolls over and gets stuck on his belly. He tries so hard to roll over to his back that his arms and legs fly around in the air and its pretty funny looking. My boys are doing great and I love them so much, we had an amazing vacation but is was nice to get home and get the kids back on a schedule.