Tuesday, August 4, 2009

BIG Changes.....

I have been horrible at blogging and even worse at getting pictures of my handsome little boys on here but July was crazy and it looks like life is not going to slow down in August! First of all Conner is getting so big!! He can pull himself up on almost anything and he loves climbing up my legs (which makes it really hard to walk) and he loves getting toys out of the toy box. He is such a happy little guy and he is such a joy to have around! We had Conner's 9 month check up almost two weeks ago and he weighed 18.13 lbs and he is about 26 inches long (if I remember right! Sad I know!!) while we were there I asked the nurse to weigh Tyler and he weighs 22lbs so he is staying in front of Conner in weight for now. Tyler is doing great too, he is talking more and more and he has loved being outside this summer. He has gotten so fast at getting his shoes and socks on so he can go outside anytime anyone goes out. My boys play pretty good together, Tyler has kinda gone through a jealousy faze and sometimes he's kinda rough with little Conner but for the most part they just love playing and taking baths together.

Now for the big changes... Just this week my sister in law Sandy and I took over a Daycare. It has been so much work and so much paper work its a lot more complicated than either of us expected. ALL day Saturday Drew and I, Seth and Sandy, My parents and my little brothers worked at the daycare to get it clean and organized. It was so much work and we bit off more than we could chew so we had to stop working at about 6 pm so we could get our kids to the little buckaroo rodeo. We took a 2 1/2 hour and had some fun at the Rodeo, Tyler was so cute riding his stick horse and he has so much fun!! Luke and Grace rode stick horses also and Luke acted like a pro, he did awesome! After the rodeo we took the kids to grandparents houses and went back to work! We had to redo the floors and we worked until about 12:30 that night but it was worth it! The building looks so much better with just a small face lift. Now we are spending several hours a day at the daycare learning how to run the computer program and leaning how everything works. It has been a lot of work but It's been fun at the same time so I think it will be a great thing for us!