Monday, November 24, 2008

Tyler is such a toddler!

Last Monday Tyler decided it would be fun to put his potty seat on his head and well it didn't end up to be so much fun for him. It got stuck around his neck and it was so funny at first and then I realized it was stuck! Very stuck!! So I buttered him up and nothing it was no use, it wouldn't fit over his head. So I called my mom to see what to do and she decided to come in to help me get it off. We greased him up even more with vaseline and still nothing so we had to call my dad and he had to come with metal cutters and cut the stinkin thing off!! By the time we got it off Ty was mad and very ready for a nap!



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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Conner is 1 month old!!

I finally got some newer pictures of conner on here!! Isn't he so cute!



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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Will the crazyness ever end!

Ever since Tyler was born his left eye has been watery so tomorrow he has to go in and have a minor procedure where they stick a probe down into his tear duct to open it up. I have been so excited to get it over with so his poor eye would quite bothering him and i thought we were finally done with all surgeries and procedures. Well i was wrong! I took Ty to the dentist today because I could never get his teeth to look clean and it was so frustrating! The dentist decided he has 4 cavities starting because of how his teeth have come in there is no way to keep them completely clean with just brushing. Also the pediasure he has to drink has lots of sugar and he loves juice so that doesn't help and since he had acid reflux it caused damage to his teeth. Tyler will haveone last procedure (we hope!!) and he has to go to the hospital and have general anesthesia and get his teeth fixed because he has had traumatic experiences and wont let anyone near his mouth. So on December 16Th that will be done and with any luck he will be able to go a few years without and procedures or surgeries!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Conner's 3 weeks old!!

Conner is 3 weeks old today and he is so tiny and cute, he is doing pretty well but for some reason my boys don't like to gain weight! We were constantly having weight checks for Tyler for the past two years and now its all starting again with conner. He was 6lbs 10oz when he was born and as of yesturday he was 5lbs 13oz! I feel so bad that he has lost weight but we are now supplementing with formula so hopefully he will start to get bigger. Everyone that see's my boys says they could be twins just two years apart and they all say that they are deffinetly case boys, they look just like their daddy which is fine with me!