Thursday, June 25, 2009

Conner is 8 months OLD!!

I can't believe how fast time flies especially with my second little guy! Conner turned 8 months old on Tuesday and he is getting so big! He hasn't been to the Doctor for a few months but I figure he weighs about 18 maybe 18 1/2 lbs. He is almost crawling which seems so crazy to me since it seems like I just had him! Conner is so stinkin cute, he gets up on his hands an knees and rocks like crazy then he will lunge forward onto his belly. He is such a happy guy, I love it! he smiles at just about anything and he laughs so hard now it's kinda got a squeak to it but I love it! Conner talks and yells and jabbers constantly and he absolutely loves taking baths! He sits up really really well now so I just started letting him sit in the bath and he loves splashing and yelling it is so funny. He lights up my day with just a smile. Lately my boys chain react to one another, if one cries the other has to start crying so I end up trying to comfort both with sometimes makes Ty mad since he isn't getting my full attention. Tyler is doing great too, we are still working on his speech but it is slowly getting better and he can sign some stuff so he can atleast let me know what he needs. He is having issues waking up in the night to go potty so that has been a constant battle trying to find a time that works to wake him up. Once again my computer is broke so I can't put any pictures on here so once it is fixed I will get some cute updated pictures of my boys posted.

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